Sunday, 17 March 2013

Walking in Birsay last Sunday

It was a pleasant day, and following a delicious lunch at Julia's  - we carried on to Birsay and took a walk along to the fisher men's huts - even Robbie - but I have not photographic evidence.
Tomorrow we are setting of for our really last break before the summer. 1 night at Pittodrie house - courtesy of "" (and Christine for introducing us to the land of deals.)
Then 2 nights in St Andrews with Fiona & Gordon deVries. Fiona's grandmother and my grandfather were both born and brought up at "New Breckan" in Harray.
Finally we have 2 nights in Glasgow - before heading back.  Christine has tickets for us to see Harry Hill

It feels like winter again

Robbie,Magnus and Erland have been busy these past weeks catching up on maintenance.  A UV steriliser has been put on the well water, dung has been spread and more spread. The cold dry weather has been very agreeable. Some plaster had fallen off the gable end of the house and even this has been mended - hence our dark patch!
Marjory from Soft Pink flowers has been providing us with some glorious blooms to brighten up our weeks