Saturday, 16 July 2011

Putting up the sign

Pictured above are Jane and David Wishart.  Our friend Marian, made our B  & B sign and David and Jane came to erect it. It does look a little like we live at Paddy & Olga's across the road!

Our guests are coming from "all over" including New Zealand, Australia, Austria, Italy, Canada, Netherlands, Switzerland, USA, France, Germany, Norway, Siri Lanka, and a good mix of guests from England and mainland Scotland.
My friend Marian & me are trying to learn how to play bridge, so Thursday means a big rush so I can have the afternoon free - we don't think we are improving much - need to play more.  Poor Doodie gets quite exasperated with us.

The first month

We had thought to ease ourselves slowly in to the B & B business, by taking a few guests in April - I took the first booking for the 9th April.
An Australian couple turned up at the door and became our first guests - Elizabeth and Glenn from Canberra were our first guinea-pigs.
Frances Hanmer,her mother - Jean, and Fran Walker were our first booked guests and are shown here getting the "tour " by Robbie.

Wednesday, 23 March 2011

and a few of Ben

And finally Claude - who has made himself very much at home here.

And finally - the sun porch

A few views of the bedrooms

A view of the kitchen and the hallway

The big move

finally took place on the weekend of the 26th & 27th February 2011.  It has taken a couple of weeks to get everything in place but we were ready to have Richard & Audrey, Sheila & Raymond stay for the Saturday night of the Lifeboat Dinner.  Here are a few photos of the house that I know would look better taken with a wide angle lens camera.

Sheila's birthday

came and went - we went to the Foveran with Richard and Audrey and had a beautiful meal there.  Robbie and I were presented with a lovely Frank Donnan  painting showing Burnside Farm in the forground. Pictured here is Sheila and her candles and a photo of our new painting in pride of place in the sitting room.

A heifer born on 3rd March has been called Miss Sheila.

Its been a quiet 2011

In fact the first calf born in 2011 wasn't until 2nd February. We called her Miss Ava - she is a bright little heifer