Sunday, 14 April 2013

A taste of spring at last

Drove up to the Smithfield hotel for Sunday lunch, and the temperature gauge on the car reached the dizzy heights of 12.5 degrees. A fine change from 3!
Looked for teas and tabnabs at the Broch of Birsay - but nowhere to be seen
Lots of activity and cars at the new Birsay Hall
Liz and I went photographing the new calves yesterday - results below

Sunday, 17 March 2013

Walking in Birsay last Sunday

It was a pleasant day, and following a delicious lunch at Julia's  - we carried on to Birsay and took a walk along to the fisher men's huts - even Robbie - but I have not photographic evidence.
Tomorrow we are setting of for our really last break before the summer. 1 night at Pittodrie house - courtesy of "" (and Christine for introducing us to the land of deals.)
Then 2 nights in St Andrews with Fiona & Gordon deVries. Fiona's grandmother and my grandfather were both born and brought up at "New Breckan" in Harray.
Finally we have 2 nights in Glasgow - before heading back.  Christine has tickets for us to see Harry Hill

It feels like winter again

Robbie,Magnus and Erland have been busy these past weeks catching up on maintenance.  A UV steriliser has been put on the well water, dung has been spread and more spread. The cold dry weather has been very agreeable. Some plaster had fallen off the gable end of the house and even this has been mended - hence our dark patch!
Marjory from Soft Pink flowers has been providing us with some glorious blooms to brighten up our weeks

Monday, 18 February 2013


Sunday was such an amazing day - with sunsets to match. Here aver some photos of Ben and the sky

Our new Hereford bull

Purchased recently at the Sterling bull sales


Buddy was a premature calf - now 2 months on he is pictured with Andria

Some Stromness views from Copeland's Dock

Sheila took Bruce & Ben a walk on Sunday and took these photos

Our Weekend in Caithness

Robbie booked a weekend for us at Ackergill Tower. I couldn't believe it!!!
I rather think Sheila had a bit to do with the "Laterooms" computer work.
Ackergill and the staff are amazing. I will never forget it - and nothing will ever compare to that weekend

February has been a wonderful month - so far.

I set off a day early- the forecast was terrible and Rosie and I had booked our spar break at the North Berwick Hydro to run from February 6th. Crossing at 4.45pm on the Sunday night, I just drove ...until I got to Perth at about 11pm.
Slept so well.
After a long lie went out to see Sarah Mellersh at "Let's cook Scotland"
I was looking for some inspiration - new ideas for 'farmhouse' breakfasts and 'breakfasts to go'
Glad to say I emerged with some new ideas from a lovely lovely young lady.
2 days relaxing at North Berwick was just great - lots of laughs and gentle exercise and the odd gin
Tasted beef cheeks for the first time, and they have been subsequently ordered from Fletts and tried here at Burnside.
Very economical- just about £5 for a kilo
They seemed to enjoy them - there are plenty of recipes on the Internet!

Thursday, 3 January 2013

Ali's birthday at "Burradale" last night

Complete with a delicious goose

Up to date!!

New Years Eve 2013 featuring-
Richard & Audrey (the real star)
Raymond & Sheila
Robbie & Joy
With - Millie, Christine, Wendy & Rob

September - December 2012

Loch Ness Marathon - starring Christine & Abbey Tracey
Andre Rieu at the SEC
La mirage at Helmsdale - all ready for Christmas

Mock Wedding Sept 2012

Shopping Week

Saturday night

A visit to Burnside Farm by Magnum photographer Elliott Erwitt

Pictured are -
Elliott Erwitt
Stu Smith and Adriana Lopez Sanifeliu

Sailing with Bill & Mags during the summer

Stan's birthday

In March we flew down to Glasgow for Stan's surprise birthday party - what fun it was
Other highlights - Mother's Day @ the Barony Hotel,
Burnside's new 5455 Tractor
Robbie & Richards birthday - celebrated in pinnys at the Westend Hotel in July

Holiday to Genoa, Ancona and Rome

A 2012 catchup! Thanks to the photo montage tool on my iPad!

A whole year ago - the bringing in of 2012
Now on to the rest of 2012